Welcome to Jaivik India 2013

A one day conference on organic and natural products is being organized by Comnet Conferences – A division of Exhibitions India Group. Themed as “Nature Pure, Nature Cure”, the conference will deliberate on the proliferation of organic and natural products in the Indian market.

The concept behind “Jaivik India” conference is to highlight the importance of organic and natural products in our day-to-day lives. As indicated in the Vedas, the human body is comprised of five elements namely earth, water, air, fire and space. Hence, there is a belief that equilibrium within these elements is quintessential for a fit and healthy human body. Organic and natural products cultivated without any chemical/artificial intervention help immensely in striking this natural balance to lead to a healthy mind and body. Thus, by contributing towards a healthy population, these products play a significant role towards building a healthy nation.



Market Opportunities
  • Availability of processed organic foods are limited and hence, provides a great opportunity for investment
  • According to industry reports, the global market for organically produced foods is US$26 billion and is estimated to increase to US$102 billion by 2020
  • With the rising spending power of the growing middle class and increased awareness towards chemical more...

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